Thanks for choosing to embark on this custom adventure into erotica with me! I feel strongly that there’s nothing quite like the written word. (When I’m alone at night, I’ll happily admit that I turn to smut much more often than porn. Visuals are lovely, but nothing replaces those words.)

There are going to be quite a few questions here, but don’t be worried! This won’t be like homework. Tons of stuff might not apply to you or what you’re looking for, and feel free to skip over anything that doesn’t apply or that you’re not interested in. If there’s something important you’ve missed, I promise I’ll let you know. 😉 Just copy this over into an email or word processor and send it to me once you’re done.

Before we begin, a note on audio (yes, audio):

Audio Recordings: For someone for whom the written word still isn’t quite enough. You need purring in your ear instead of flashing across the page. Custom audio recordings of my erotica are available to such lovers, with the option to alter the tense of the selected story to be better suited to a female narration.

Have a different audio recording in mind? I would love to collaborate on something that excites you. Email me and let’s find a way to make it happen! After all, some words were just written to come to life. If you’re interested in any audio options, simply reach out and I’ll bring it to life. 🙂

One last note: you will get the most out of this experience if you are willing to be honest. I am a completely judgment-free erotica author who will write about any kink or taboo with just as much enthusiasm and heat as I have for my sexy, moan-enduring missionary couples.

So finally: the questionnaire!


Characters: (A story starring you and I? A favorite actor or character? A partner’s friend? Another provider or adult film star? If I don’t know these people, please give a bit of a physical description so the down-and-dirty is accurate! In the case of the adult film stars, feel free to send me reference links to maintain accuracy. 😉
For all characters, please a name if you have one that you prefer (if not, I’ll simply name them, but I recommend choosing thh he e names) and each character’s pronouns. (Don’t know what that is? That’s okay! Just say something like Justin is a guy, Emma is a girl, and your friend Andi doesn’t really do either label — I can take it from there!)

Time Period: (Is this happening now, or are you looking for something set in another time? Generally modern day, or are you looking for swashbucklers and fair maidens?)

Location: (As general or specific as you want; in a hotel bedroom, behind the Lincoln Monument, in the stacks at Harvard, on a water bed— whatever details matter here)

General premise: (Slow seduction over a meal? Is someone being held hostage for ransom? Are you trying not to be seen in your moment of passion in a public place?)


Kinks & fetishes: (Anything non-vanilla you’d like to see in your story. Please be as honest as you care to be; if there is anything that I am not comfortable with, I will kindly let you know and can educate myself on anything I’m not familiar with.)

Taboos: (same as above, just adding to say that I am a taboo-friendly erotica author who will always let you know if there’s anything I’m not comfortable writing. Please consider this a safe space to explore your sexual fantasies!)

Specific likes / dislikes: (Anything you specifically want to ensure is or is not included; can range from “I really love dirty talk” to “I’m not a fan of complex lingerie” ; from “just so you know, I don’t drink” to “can you mention her pedicure?” Definitely let me know if there are any positions you specifically love or hate!)

Clothing requests: (If there are folks in the store to whom this is applicable, please tell me boxers or briefs! I’m not a mind-reader and I hate to break the fantasy by stripping anyone incorrectly.)

Other notes to make this story exactly what you want:

Tone of the sexual encounter from 1 – 5: (1 being sensual love-making, 5 being rough and aggressive) (feel free to expand)
Setting and context on a scale from 1 – 5: (1 being just enough context to make it work, 5 being a lot of context with plot and characters)

Point of view & pronouns: (This is how the characters are spoken about in relation to each other. To explain:)
“Sally scanned the room for Jim”
“I scanned the room for Jim”
“I scanned the room for you”
“Sally scanned the room for me”.



And there you have it! Once you’re happy with your answers, just send everything in to me and I’ll start whipping up something fantastic for you. Can’t wait!