Photo and Video Options

Custom Photos

I love posting new content on my Twitter and website gallery, but the best images are the ones crafted especially for you!

Your Favorite Outfit
5 photos – $25
10 photos – $50
25 photos – $125

Your Favorite Lingerie
5 photos – $100
10 photos – $150
25 photos – $200

Your Favorite Birthday Suit
5 photos – $150
10 photos – $200
25 photos – $250


Bespoke pricing for photos involving spicier elements 😉 See below list for examples of what is available, and feel free to contact me about anything I do not own that you are interested in helping me acquire.

While I do not have a partner with whom I make content, I am able to acquire the help of an assistant for photos or videos which require me to get myself into rather difficult positions. Your information will remain private at all times, but I just can’t hogtie myself. (Yet, at least.)

Custom Videos

My Lover messaging package includes the occasional X-rated clips, but if you’re looking for something more made-to-measure, this is the option for you.

Video pricing will vary based on desired content, length, and any special requirements. If you’re interested in video content, please email me with the necessary details so I can give you a quote! If there’s a specific budget you’re looking to stay within, please let me know so I can plan appropriately.

As with my custom photos, I am able to have the help of an assistant for any difficult shoots, so feel free to let your creativity reign. 😉

Ready to chat? Email me!

Texting, Visuals, and Beyond

The Friends Package

This is like you’re an old friend and we’re keeping in touch throughout the day. It’s very much based in companionship– have you been looking for a listening ear, a silly joke, and updates on my Netflix roster? This package doesn’t have an inherently flirty tone– for that, see the Girlfriend Package!


The Girlfriend Package

This is like the Friends package, but much more affectionate! Sneak a peek at your phone during the work day to see the kisses I’ve sent (and maybe something a bit spicier to get that heart pounding!) This is a PG-13 option that keeps things flirty, not raunchy.


The Lover Package

Sometimes, you’re in the middle of the work day and look down to find an unexpected shot of soap-covered tits on your phone. This package is designed for people who want that level of excitement in their texting. It’s explicit and includes naughty photos, sexting, and the occasional video.


The Taboo Package

Similar to Lover, this package is for those who feel that their desires toe the line of social acceptability (or have stepped past it altogether!) Let’s disucss what you’re looking for– I’m quite open-minded and would love to help you play out your fantasies.

All prices bespoke.

Custom Erotica

One of my most popular offerings is back! I adored the opportunity to bring your erotic dreams to life during lockdown and am looking forward to getting even more of them down on paper. Have you ever wanted to star in your own story with the woman of your fantasies? Do you daydream about your friend’s wife and her sudden need for some help in the shower? Perhaps you even want to read about your dream escort lavishing you with the tenderness you’ve always imagined.

No matter your fantasy, I’ll be happy to bring it to life! Once we touch base about your interest, I’ll send you a form where you tell me all about the story you want so I know everything I need to bring it to life! Who knows . . . maybe you’ll end up with a story about you and I?

Interested in more information? Perhaps you’d just like to peruse stories I’ve written without the commitment of ordering a custom? Hop over to my Library for much more.

Custom Content Playthings

As those of you who have been following me for some time know, I tend away from the overtly vulgar in my online presence. That said, I am still a woman who enjoys a healthy bit of depravity, and I couldn’t be happier to finally be sharing that side of me with you!

To order custom photos and videos, it helps to know what toys I have at my disposal. These are all toys from my personal collection. I am not interested in producing content with anything that does not truly shoot fire through my veins.

Items Owned

  • Vibrators
    • Wand vibrator (easy grip handle, rounded head; large brand name is Hitachi)
    • Satisfyer vibrator (air pulses instead of vibrations, directly onto the clit)
    • Lelo G-Spot Vibrator (excellent for both internal and external stimulation; the only toy that has successfully gotten me to squirt!)
    • We-Vibe Chorus (bluetooth-controlled by a partner for exciting public play! Easily worn beneath clothes)
  • Dildos
    • Ribbed purple glass – curved
    • Lifelike suction cup cock – light skin, large
    • Tongue-like dildo – pink
  • Anal Toys
    • Anal plugs (multiple sizes)
  • Breast Play
    • Nipple suction devices
    • Nipple clamp tassels
  • Misc.
    • Small leather flogger
    • Assorted blindfolds
    • Bondage tape
    • Restraints
    • Noise-cancelling earphones for sensory deprivation

Items Craved

I have added a number of exciting toys to my Wishtender, which makes purchasing them for my use incredibly simple. And the faster I get it here . . . well, the faster I can try it out. But really, I’m curious to try pretty much anything, so if you have something in mind that hasn’t made the list, definitely run it by me and chances are, I’ll give it a go!

Besides what is listed on my Wishtender, I’m always on the lookout for:

  • New and exciting vibrators (both internal and external, especially from smaller female-owned companies)
  • Dildos in various sizes, colors, and stages of realism
  • Restraints
  • Sensory deprivation gear
  • Unique BDSM gear
  • Gags that will not cause a TMJ flare!


During our email consultation about your custom order, we will review any limits relevant to your project. Please ensure that you are contacting me through an encrypted address (like Protonmail, which is quick, easy, and free!) to aid in my comfort levels discussing these matters.