Custom Erotica

2,500 word - $300

If you’ve previously purchased a custom piece from me, it was this length! You are able to accomplish a fair bit in this length and is good if you’re dipping your toes into erotica. If you gain access to any of my 2020 library stories, they will also be this length. It’s a great choice for stories with two characters and a relatively straightforward storyline.

5,000 words - $500

A longer foray into your erotic fantasy. This allows for a few different things. Do you want a slow, sensual burn between your lovers, perhaps across multiple days? Do you have a number of fetishes you wish to include, each in their rightful detail? Perhaps your story contains a plethora of characters, all of whom deserve their time in the spotlight. Longer stories allow for more time spent delving into the depths of your fantasies.

10,000 words - $1000

This is a veritable erotic novella – congratulations! This is quite the investment into your own erotic enjoyment, which I commend you for. This length allows for multiple chapters with fully developed characters with their own kinks and preferences, ongoing sexual plot lines, multiple sexual partners and pairings, and extended amounts of devious fun.

The Library

Not quite ready for a custom piece? You can easily read a selection of my current library of erotica to get a delightful taste. Perhaps you’re just in a bit of a mood, or see something recently added that catches your fancy. No matter what the reason, here’s the current list of offerings. Enjoy. 😉

Library Stories - $50 each

The House Party – M/F – a relatively calm house party leads an unlikely pair to an erotic massage and more.

The Game Night – M/F/F – a competitive game night takes on a sexy twist and devolves

Netflix & Chill – M/F – a casual night at home turns erotic as our characters are compelled to imitate the actions on screen

Vegetables – M/F/F – a kinky series of events for a trio set in a beautiful hotel suite and connecting private garden

Maple Lane – F/F – a playful photoshoot between high school best friends turns erotic as hidden desires rear their heads

The Mistress – F/M – a man seeks out his first session with a Mistress and experiences some light erotic play

Hotel Bar – M/F – a chance meeting in a hotel bar unites a harried businessman and a beautiful young woman who has just been stood up on a date.