Remote Connection

your girlfriend at a distance
updated June 30, 2020

There are a million reasons we might not be able to meet face-to-face. Perhaps I’m entrenched in my study abroad, and you’re busy at your office job. Perhaps I’ve accepted a contract in Alaska and you’re stuck in San Jose, pining away at the memory of my taste. Perhaps you fell for me at a distance and we’ve fought, throughout the trials of time and space, to keep that flame burning.
Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s nothing as banal as The Plague.

Not everyone can schedule in person meetings at this moment, but everyone is deserving of the warmth that companionship brings. There are a number of ways to stay connected and enjoy our time together even without physical touch!

Interested in one of my Remote Connection options? Send me an email and we’ll get it set up. I can’t wait to make this happen.

sleepless in seattle: the email package

Anyone who has had the chance to foster an ongoing relationship with me knows about my fondness for the written word! I have a love of corresponding via email, as I have found it to be both convenient and perfect for the amount that I tend to write. This is the time to take our email correspondence to the next level.

$175/week: daily emails in which we expand upon our relationship, discussing all matters of topics– just keep it flirtatious and not X-rated. (If you’re looking for smut, check out my custom erotica offerings!) Let’s get to know each other a bit better and strengthen that connection.

fast fingers: texting and photo options

Daily emails aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for something a little more on-the-fly, try my texting options on for size. Want a lot? Want a little? Let’s make it custom, just for you!

$50/day or $250/week: Texting throughout the day.

$100/hr: Sexting. Includes a few steamy photos. If you’re looking for something to get your blood pumping, this texting option is for you!

$100/custom photo set: These photos are sexy and steamy (but never cross into lewd). Pick from my lingerie collection and receive a photographed blow-by-blow of the pieces going on and then… coming off. Can be delivered via text or email.

words of {steamy} wisdom: custom erotica

Looking for a fantasy world all of your own? I am now accepting commissions for custom erotica!

The mind races with the possibilities, so thankfully there is a simple form that tells me exactly what it is you’re looking for. Do you want a story where you and I star together, or is there a pairing you’ve always lusted after from a favorite television show or book series? The details, ranging from the number of characters to their location, from their outfits to any must-have sexual positions, can be dictated by you or chosen by yours truly. The mind boggles, does it not?

Not sure what your ideal fantasy is, but want to get a taste of what’s whirling around in my mind? I have previously written pieces available to purchase as well, and will be adding new works to my library as I continue to write.

Custom Stories
$100/custom story
(~2500 words, non-exclusive)
These pieces will be added to my library for future purveyors of smut, with personal details altered as needed.

$200/custom story (~2500 words, exclusive)
These pieces will remain for our eyes only and will not be added to my library for others to purchase.

Longer pieces are available on request. Please contact me via email for the erotica request form, which will begin our collaboration process.

Library Stories

Some of these are non-exclusive custom stories that have recently been commissioned, while others are personal projects spanning my years as a writer.

Maple Lane – Justine and Deanna
A playful photoshoot between friends turns erotic as hidden desires rear their head. 3POV.  (F/F)

The Mistress – FemDomme
A man seeks out his first session with a Mistress and experiences some light erotic play. 3POV, FemDomme (M/F)

Hosting Duties – The House Party
A house party that leads to an erotic massage and more. Some toy use. My POV, using “him.” (M/F)

Hotel Bar – Orion and Samantha
A chance meeting in a hotel bar unites a harried businessman and a beautiful young woman who has just been stood up on a date. 3POV, male-oriented. (M/F)

Catan – Game Night Threesome
A competitive game night for three with a sexy twist. 3POV, using “you,” “me,” and “she.” (M/F/F)

Netflix and Chill – A Cozy Coupling
A cozy movie night turns steamy, inspired by the couple on the screen. 3POV. (M/F)

Afternoon Delight – A Fetish-Friendly Fete
A kinky series of events for three set in a beautiful hotel suite and connected private garden. 3POV, using “he,” “Josi,” and “she.” (M/F/F)

more to come