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Screening is mandatory to ensure the safety of both parties involved. I will be unable to meet with anyone who is unwilling to provide the details requested during the screening process. Here is the information I require:

  • Full legal name:
  • Age:
  • Email address:
  • Phone number:
  • What website you found me on:
  • Provider references (minimum of 2; include websites and contact email):
  • Requested time, date, and duration of appointment:
  • Requested appointment location:

If you do not have two provider references, I will be able to screen you using employment verification; please contact me for further details.

Once you’ve gathered that information, I’d be happy to complete the screening process and see when our schedules align! My preferred form of contact will always be email. You can reach me at

If you believe yourself to be too important to be fully screened, then honor both of our time and do not bother sending in an incomplete booking request.

Important Notes

As noted throughout my site, my thriving career and bustling personal life leave me with limited time to visit with new friends. I prioritize appointment requests that are presented with all of my required information at once.

I expect everyone I meet with to have read the information presented throughout my website, particularly the details shared on my Etiquette page so that there is no discomfort during the time we share together.