Cocktail Tasting

Care to start with something sweet? Our eyes lock from across the bar, and a coy smile dances across my lips. You join me and offer to buy me a drink. We imbibe a bit, brazenly flirting in front of the other patrons in a slow dance, waiting to see where our time might lead.

3 hours — $2000

Wining and Dining

Seafood or Chinese? Sushi or Italian? Will it be a bowl of pasta, a fine cut of steak, or a simple taco joint you’ve been dying to try? Our enjoyment is only amplified with the addition of food, a time where we can experience new cuisines or revisit old standards with each other.

4 hours — $2500

Dinner and a Show

A beautiful dinner companion leans over the table, laughing at your joke as I take another sip of the wine you’ve selected. Once we’ve polished off desert, we walk hand in hand to the latest Broadway hit, where you experience my joy at live theater and revel in the full date night experience.

6 hours — $3000

Nothing Short of Delight

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend an extended period of time with the woman of your dreams? I’ll be there for the day of your fantasies, whether you’ve been imagining me in an evening gown or my favorite sweater dress. We’ve got all the time in the world, so let’s spend it in true luxury: in each other’s company.

14 hours - $5000

Haven't you wondered what it's like? To grab hold of what you desire. To see those eyes gazing back up into yours. To feel the pulsing heartbeat under your hand and know that it's you causing it to race.

Hourly Rates

Duration Rate
1 hour $800
1.5 hours $1200
2 hours $1600
3 hours $2000
4 hours $2500
6 hours $3000
14 hour overnight $5000
24 hours $6500
In-date extension $800/hr
NJ Incall +$300
Couples +$300

For information on my Fly-Me-To-You options and cities beyond NYC and Northern New Jersey, please see my Travel page.

Location: Life is a busy mistress; she allows me time to meet with only a few choice suitors. I prefer these meetings to take place at your hotel room and am unavailable for outcalls to private residences. If needed, I can arrange for a New Jersey incall space with an additional $300 room fee. I am located in Northern New Jersey and travel to hotel outcalls within 45 minutes of Clifton.

Deposit: A 25% appointment deposit is required for all local bookings. FMTY appointments incur a 25% deposit along with travel costs (see Travel).

Duos: my rate + their rate, matched to the higher of the two, with a two hour minimum. Trios & more available on request! Time with my friends is always my favorite and I have some lovely suggestions should you need guidance.

Couples: always adored, with a two hour minimum. Add $300 to the total patronage. Both parties will need to be fully screened.

Looking to spend a longer stretch of time together? Let’s make some fantasies come true. Any engagements of three hours or longer require some time outside the boudoir; let’s get out and see the world! (Or at the very least, the hotel bar.)

Interested in being a part of my next photoshoot? Take a peek at my sponsorship options on my Spoils page.

Extended Adventures

overnight delight

Want to see if my cuddling skills are up to snuff? Let’s schedule an overnight and see who snores, who hogs the blankets, and if you think my fuzzy socks are sexy. (Hint: they definitely are.) My overnights run 14 hours, which gives us time to catch up, spend some quality time in private, and then be whisked away by the Sand Man. Looking to go for dinner or a show beforehand? We can shift around our start time and make this work as well! For a full adventure, why not try 24 hours together? Just think of the fun we could have with an entire day! Let’s grab some lunch, spend some time relaxing at the hotel spa before preparing for our dinner plans. After dinner, it’s time to head to the latest Broadway sensation, watching as my eyes sparkle as the curtain lifts. I’ll be in a delightful mood for the rest of the evening, leaving us with plenty of private time before it’s finally time to rest. We’ll still have lots of time left for morning cuddles and breakfast in bed– unless you know a local bistro that has one of my favorite pastries, that is!

Overnights are very dear to me, and I expect my paramours to be respectful of my needs during our time together as you are during any appointment. When planning our time together, please note that I value my sleep highly and cannot accept overnight requests that will not allow for me to properly rest. I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per evening, and some time in which to freshen up in the morning before anything exciting. I bring a few creature comforts of my own to ensure that I get a good night’s sleep and ask that if we have not previously scheduled an overnight together, we select accommodations with multiple beds or bedrooms.

expanded horizons

When you’ve decided that 24 hours just isn’t enough, let’s opt for something a bit more in-depth. I offer longer engagements with bespoke pricing depending on the details of our proposed itinerary. I don’t believe that when we’re at the point of spending this much time together, there is a “one size fits all” answer for proper patronage, which is why I provide quotes on a case by case basis.

Curious about where these numbers start? Take my standard rates as a jumping off point! That’s where I’ll be working from. As always, I favor engagements that involve activities I enjoy, planned out with adequate time for me to be my best refreshed self for you.