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New Jersey & New York

Step into my world and see what the brightest spark on the East Coast has to offer those with the finest taste.

I’m here to help you make the time.

I live by a list of simple tenets: say yes to the dress. Put down the phone. Try the thing. Say yes to the chocolate. Help the friend in need. Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? Say yes to the adventure. Drink some tea. Above all, find what works for you.

I offer the best experience for those who want to make the time for some genuine human connection. I’m not interested in putting up a facade, playing a part, or fitting into a mold. It’s in the way my nose crinkles, my eyes light when I smile, and how you just know I’m not above laughing in bed.

I’m easily seduced by large bubble baths and cozy knit blankets. Hot chocolate is as fine as any wine, and you’ll more often see me sipping on some water than the hottest new cocktail. When in doubt, go back to life’s simple pleasures and you’ll find me there: in good company, with a new book, or with some decadent sweets!

We can collect Michelin stars, if that’s your thing. I know what to wear and promise not to pout if your clients call. But honestly, I’m just as thrilled with takeout and a bottle of wine in bed, luxuriating in the feeling of not having to put on our public faces and enjoying some one-on-one time at last. You and I together, without the expectations and constraints of the world? That seems pretty heavenly to me.


It doesn’t have to be fancy.
It just has to be real.

long fiery hair brushing down my back

ivory skin touched with scattered freckles

curious eyes that shift from green to blue in an instant

gentle curves resting over a slim frame

free of allergies, but intolerant of prolonged sun with no shade or screen

beautifully bisexual

lover of most music (if played at a moderate volume)

joyously clumsy

an easy, bright grin

a snappy, sassy wit