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New Jersey & New York

Step into my world and see what the brightest spark on the East Coast has to offer those with the finest taste.

You’ve come this far to find someone with the power to captivate each one of your senses. A voice to ensnare your ears and soothe away the stress of a hard day at work. Smooth hands to reach for yours as you feel your troubles melt away with the very first touch. The first scent draws you in for more– simple, sweet, alluring on your nose. Your eyes were the very first thing that drew you in, the first promise of the time to come. All that’s left is to step forward and taste.

If you’re looking to step into this world of fantasy and delight, then allow me to share a bit of my time with you. My name is Josilee, but my friends call me Josi, and it just so happens that I’m looking to make a handful of new friends this year.

Born and raised on the East Coast, I am a college educated woman with her sights set on exploring everything that the world has to offer– that is, just as soon as I can manage to put down whatever book has captured my attention!

Take a look around, get a feel for what makes me tick. Or a touch. Or a sniff. Or a quick little lick. I promise not to tell.