local adventures

My local travel radius is within 45 minutes of Edgewater NJ, and what can I say? I enjoy keeping things close to home. This radius will include northern New Jersey and Manhattan, though there will be times I can be tempted to the outer boroughs, central and southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia. My main rule is much like Cinderella’s: I end up in my own bed at the end of the night, so unfortunately, no all-night carousing for this princess.

fly me to you

I am currently unavailable for FMTYs, but never discount the option of flying yourself to me! We have three marvelous (or at the very least, serviceable) airports that serve my area, and from there it’s all too easy to find yourself in my arms. And that’s not even counting the airports in Philly and Atlantic City!

Exceptions to my FMTY policy come with well-written introductions, plans tailored to my preferences, and five-figure offers. Think of it like bribing a cat off a soft spot bathed in sunlight: you’ll need a very tempting offer. It’s not a no, it’s just a very difficult to obtain yes.