east coast cities

There are so many vibrant cities within driving distance of New York City, and this year, I’m looking to visit them all! I am now available for short visits to East Coast cities near me. These hourly minimums make it possible for me to visit these locations just for you, without the need to structure a tour around your city.

Connecticut – 2 hours
Atlantic City – 3 hours
Baltimore – 3 hours
Boston – 3 hours
Philadelphia – 3 hours
Rhode Island – 3 hours
Washington DC – 4 hours

Duos are available for these locations; please inquire for more details.

fly me to you

** Please note that as of October 2020, my FMTY appointments remain on hiatus. I will update when I am comfortable resuming airline travel. **

Can’t make it to my neck of the woods? I love travel and would be happy to hop on a plane to visit you, whether you’re looking for four hours or forty-eight! Travel arrangements require a minimum booking time depending on your location, a 50% appointment deposit, and all travel expenses to be covered by the client. Economy Plus / Economy Comfort flights are sufficient for travel under five hours; First Class or Business Class is necessary for flights five hours and over.

East Coast: 4 hour minimum
Midwest & South: 6 hour minimum
West Coast: 8 hour minimum
International: 12 hour minimum

8 hours – $3200
12 hours – $3500
16 hours – $3800
24 hours – $5000
36 hours – $6000
48 hours – $7000

overnight delight

Want to see if my cuddling skills are up to snuff? Let’s schedule an overnight and see who snores, who hogs the blankets, and if you think my fuzzy socks are sexy. (Hint: they definitely are.) My overnight minimum is 12 hours, which gives us time to catch up, spend some quality time in private, and then be whisked away by the Sand Man. Looking to go for dinner or a show beforehand? 16 hours gives us a bit more time to grab a bite to eat, have some fun time out on the town, and then retire back to our room for the evening.

Overnights are special for me, and I expect my paramours to be respectful of my needs during our time together as you are during any appointment. In a perfect world, I won’t have to remind you that I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and some time during which to freshen up in the morning before anything exciting… but I’ll remind you if I must!