local adventures

I’m a native of northern New Jersey, and what can I say? I enjoy keeping things close to home. My travel radius for ‘local’ dates includes northern New Jersey and Manhattan, though there will be times I can be tempted to the outer boroughs, central and southern New Jersey, and Philadelphia. My main rule is much like Cinderella’s: I end up in my own bed at the end of the evening, so unfortunately, no all-night carousing for this princess.

Looking to lure me to a nearby locale that is just out of my travel radius? I’ll be happy to drive or train to nearby cities if your proposed date meets my travel minimum. Submit a booking request with all relevant details and my assistant will be happy to discuss our options.

fly me to you

Though I live just across the river from the one of the greatest cities in the country, I crave discovering new places, and that could mean your neck of the woods! If you don’t have any upcoming plans to come to New York or New Jersey, then invite me into your world and I’ll arrive with an excited grin on my face and my signature teal suitcase in one hand.

Travel appointments require a 30% deposit, First Class airfare so I can arrive at my best and brightest for our time together, hotel, and Uber/Lyft transportation to/from the airport. For more details and prospective agendas, reach out via my booking form or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to go over logistics.

I have transitioned to a flat rate FMTY structure to streamline the planning process! Pricing is based on distance from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and booking duration. This model includes airfare, hotel, Uber, and all miscellaneous travel expenses, as well as the amount for your booking.

Tier One (under 2 hours) (+Nashville)
3hr: 3700
4hr: 4300
6hr: 5000
14hr: 6500
24hr: 8500

Tier Two (2 – 4 hours)
4hr: 4800
6hr: 5500
14hr: 7000
24hr: 9000

Tier Three (4 – 5 hours)
4hr: 5500
6hr: 6000
14hr: 7500
24hr: 9500

Tier Four (5 – 7 hours)
4hr: 6500
6hr: 7000
14hr: 8500
24hr: 10.500

extended adventures

By nature, I am a rather solitary creature, so I need some recharge time when I am with someone for an extended period of time. If we’re spending a day or more together, expect me to take some time to refresh myself, tend to my personal business, and generally get my groove back on. For those of you who understand more about my sleep troubles, you’ll understand I may also take this time to pop in a nap so I can stay invigorated for our time together! And as much as I adore snuggles, all good things must come to an end; as mentioned in my FAQ, overnight bookings do require separate sleeping accommodations to get a solid night of shut eye. After 8 hours of sleep, I will scurry over to your room and slide right back into bed for another round of cuddles!