Beautiful NJ escort Josilee Adams. Companion available in NYC and Philly.You want a woman who knows what she wants. Fortunately for you, this one does— in spades. I have many versions of my ideal date, and different ideal men who could take me on them. In all of these fantasies of mine, however, there are some things that never vary, never alter, never sway. Before we can focus on the distracting curve my hips form beneath this evening gown, there are a few brief points of etiquette for us to glance over so that our time together can be free of distractions and disruptions.


Understandably, life can throw us unexpected situations. As my schedule is exceedingly limited, I am dedicated to enforcing my cancellation policy as it stands to safeguard the time I choose to make available to my friends. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of our meeting time will incur a 25% cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee, and any cancellation within 12 hours of our meeting time will result in a fee equivalent to the full sum of our time together. This policy ensures that the time I set aside for my friends is used by those who value it properly. Any instance of a “no call, no show” or refusal to adhere to this policy will result in blacklisting.


Have you taken a minute out your day to imagine me in the shower yet? I am always freshly showered for our time together and expect the same for you. Feel free to sneak some time in the water when we first meet up— I may even sneak a peek! Hygiene extends its not-so-sticky fingers to your teeth, breath, and nails as well. Some women fantasize about their own Adonis, but personally I prefer cleanliness to godliness.

Other Indulgences

I enjoy drinking in social environments but will not meet with anyone who has been drinking to excess, nor will I indulge to that level with any of my friends. (For wine recommendations, see some of my favorites on the Spoils page.) Similarly, I will not visit with anyone I believe to be under the influence of drugs. If you are a smoker, please adhere to my previously stated hygiene rules and come to our appointment both smelling and tasting clean, fresh, and minty, as I am not a smoker and do not enjoy the smell or taste.


As stated on my Patronage page, the amounts stated are not up for discussion or negotiation, as I find such things distasteful and will not meet with anyone who attempts such a conversation. Upon meeting, please have the consideration in an unsealed envelope in plain view. If we are on an outing, please put the envelope inside of a greeting card, gift bag, or book to be presented to me within the first few minutes of our date.


I take discretion and privacy seriously for all involved parties. Please do not request additional photos or versions without any of my facial blurring performed. This has been done for my privacy and security. I do not send out “personal” photos, so please do not request them. I frequently add new visuals to my social media accounts, so you may find the most recent snapshots there. 

Switter: @JosiAdams
Twitter: @JosileeAdams