Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh. It’s always tea time.

Looking to go above and beyond? Though gifts are never expected, small tokens of our time together are always cherished. If you’re seeking guidance on what I would prize the most, you’ve come to the right place!

Lingerie: 32D, Small bottoms
Shoes: 8.5US
Dresses: 2 / S
Blouses: 2 / S

Lingerie Brands: Honey Birdette, Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer (especially the Lovers Palm collection).
Wines, Spirits, and Beyond: Moscato through and through, though if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll (gasp!) try a sweet pink. I am, however, open to trying any tea you’d like to bring my way and will give my full review upon our next meeting!
Short on Time?: Gift cards are always much appreciated. I am constantly restocking my beauty supplies at Sephora, finding inspiration for a new project at AC Moore or Michaels, or grabbing something to relax with at LUSH Cosmetics. A lady can buy most anything off of Amazon, and gift cards for any book store or spa experience make my heart go pitter-patter! (I have no brand loyalty with bookstores, quel dommage!)
Flowers: I know it’s unusual, but I’m not particularly drawn to floral scents. I find most scents to be genuinely overwhelming and thus do not keep flowers in my home, so I prefer not to be gifted any during our time together.
Books: I have been working on expanding my collection of novels. If you have one that truly speaks to you, I would love to have a copy of my own! Not sure what book to recommend? I live near a number of bookstores and would be tickled to select a few of my own!