Looking to go above and beyond? Though gifts are never expected, small tokens of our time together are always cherished. If you’re seeking guidance on what I would prize the most, you’ve come to the right place!


  • Lingerie: 32D, small bottoms
  • Shoes: 8.5 US
  • Dresses: 2/S
  • Blouses: 2/S

Lingerie Brands: Honey Birdette, Bordelle, or PIA.

Wines, Spirits, and Beyond: Moscato through and through. I am, however, open to trying any tea you’d like to bring my way. (My taste in tea varies more than my taste in wine.)

Short on Time? Gift cards are always much appreciated. I am constantly restocking my beauty supplies at Sephora, finding inspiration for a new project at Michaels, or grabbing something to relax with at LUSH Cosmetics. A lady can buy most anything off of Amazon, and gift cards for any book store or spa experience make my heart go pitter-patter!

Flowers: I know it’s unusual, but I’m not particularly drawn to floral scents. I find most scents to be genuinely overwhelming and thus do not keep flowers in my home, so I prefer not to be gifted any during our time together.

Photoshoot Sponsorship: Photo sponsorships are so much fun! Inamorata offers three different photo packages to choose from (shown on her website here). Each photo sponsorship comes with a briefing on the direction of the shoot depending on the package chosen; if we’ll be doing some cozy fireside shots, stepping out to a nearby restaurant, or getting some outdoor looks. I’ll provide a preview of my outfit selections so you can pick your favorites, and if you have anything you can’t live without, I’ll be sure to prioritize shooting in it first! And once the images come back, I’ll send you the lot before the rest of the world gets to see. This is the perfect way to be hands-on with my next set of photos so they’re customized to your preferences.