Date Ideas

Board Game Night
Do you associate board games with a thrilling evening, full of heart-pounding twists and thrills? Or is that just me? I’m a fiend when it comes to games of all sorts. Whether you’re interested in the classics, modern fare, or something a bit more avant-garde, I can find something to suit your fancy. Perhaps we’ll start our time together at a game store picking something unique, or maybe I’ll bring some options along that I know we’ll enjoy. Do you want to build a family and see where Life takes us? Settle in Catan and see what the wildlands have to offer? Or perhaps something light and sweet like Unstable Unicorns? No matter what your taste, I’m here to satiate it.

Tea House
Have you noticed I have a certain fondness for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? I grew to love tea separate from my fascination with Alice, but why not combine the two? Tea houses will have you feeling like you’ve stepped through the looking glass with their old style charm and flair for the classic. I’ll wear a simply darling dress, fluttering my lashes as we move through courses of finger sandwiches and scones, and sampling the variety of teas offered. I can feel my heart fluttering already!

Couples Spa Date
Let’s face it: everyone likes to be pampered, and I’m no exception. After a massage, I’m essentially putty! I’ve learned that while my suitors love taking care of me, they rarely take enough time to allow themselves to relax. Why not combine two good things into one and spend time at the spa together? Allow yourself to unwind, whether it’s with a soothing massage, some time in the hot springs, or sweating it out in the sauna. You and I will both be on cloud nine!

At Home Iron Chef
Or perhaps it will be our own version of Chopped, or (goodness me) Kitchen Nightmare? I’ve always imagined being on one of those cooking shows where you’re racing against the clock to try and put together something edible for the judges. Let’s go shopping, build each other some mystery baskets of ingredients, and then struggle against time (and our own skill levels) to come up with a true meal! Alternate versions include Dessert and Drink options, both of which would go far better than Dinner.
She says this now, but who really knows until they step into the kitchen?

The Slipper Room – Burlesque (New York City)
The home of modern burlesque, The Slipper Room offers a bit of something for everyone. In the mood for some risque comedy? Perhaps a variety show? Or– let’s face it– you want me perched on my seat beside you, in rapt attention as we watch the performers tantalize and delight. Let’s explore the undiscovered sections of New York City together.

Disney on Ice – Multiple Shows (Nationwide Tour)
Now I know what you might be thinking: Disney? Really? But I can say without shame that Disney brings me a special level of joy, and marrying Disney classics with ice skating is a new level of artistry. (There were actually a few years of my childhood where I dreamed of going to the Winter Olympics, not understanding that I entirely missed the boat on when my training would have had to have begun!) Disney on Ice is coming to Trenton this Mach, and I can think of no better way to end this Frozen season than with a bit of ice artistry.
The New Jersey leg of their tour for March 2020 was cancelled due to The Plague, so I’m hoping to see it during my travels! Whisk me away with you to a world of fantasy and wonder?

New Jersey Hot Air Balloon Festival (July 2021, New Jersey)
Up, up, and away! I’ve never been in a hot air balloon before, and it was added to my bucket list a number of years ago. Can you imagine rising into the air while holding my hands, feeling that energy build as we begin to float over the fields? Heck, throw in a few strawberries, and I might just faint.
The 2020 festival was postponed until next summer, but it’s never too early to start planning!

Broadway Baby (New York City, ongoing)
Aren’t we all in need of a little escapism? When theaters reopen, I’ll be wanting nothing more than to be whisked away for a show. Below is my ever-evolving Must See list!
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two
Intimate Apparel
Jagged Little Pill
Mrs. Doubtfire
The Music Man
Naked Boys Singing
The Play that Goes Wrong
Plaza Suite

This list is subject to change depending on which shows reopen after COVID-19 allows the theatrical community to get back on its feet. As smaller theaters around the East Coast reopen, please note that I am also passionate about regional and local theaters!