Booking, etiquette, deposits, cancellation, additional time, references, and everything you wanted to know...

Do you require advance booking?

Simply put, yes. My personal and professional pursuits keep my schedule full, so I require notice in order to see clients. For new clients, my screening process requires time to complete, and I cannot see anyone who has not been fully screened. It is in your best interests to let me know well in advance when you would like to see me.

What are your requirements for hygiene?

I am always freshly showered for our time together and expect the same for you. When we first meet up, take a few moments to refresh yourself so that we're both squeaky-clean. Hygiene extends its not-so-sticky fingers to your teeth, breath, and nails as well. Some women fantasize about their own Adonis, but personally I prefer cleanliness to godliness.

Do you require deposits?

A 25% deposit is required to reserve our time together. These deposits are non-refundable in the event that the client cannot keep our scheduled time together. In the unlikely event that I need to cancel, the deposit will be promptly refunded.

Is the deposit refundable? What about rescheduling?

As with other businesses, the deposit for our time together is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule our booking, please contact me more than 48 hours prior to our scheduled date (see cancellation policy for more details). Your deposit can be applied to a new appointment within 30 days of the original booking. After that period, a new deposit will be required to make a new booking.

After the deposit is paid, how do I handle the rest of your consideration?

There are two forms of currency I accept for the balance of our appointment fee: cash and crypto. If you would like to pay via crypto, please arrange this with me well in advance so we may work out the details. If you are opting for cash, leave an unsealed envelope with the remainder of my patronage in plain sight upon my arrival, preferably in the bathroom where I can wash up and put things away in private. If we have arranged for an incall, leave the envelope on the dresser before your shower, and I will have it handled before your return.

How far do you travel for outcalls?

I travel within a 45 minute radius of Totowa, New Jersey. When looking at this, please take into consideration what time of day our appointment is going to commence. 30 minutes during the early afternoon might not be 30 minutes during rush hour.

If you're looking for information about my East Coast Travel availability, please see my Travel page. I am available for visits to a number of nearby cities and am able to bring along some beautiful friends of mine!

What is your cancellation policy?

Understandably, life can throw us unexpected situations. As my schedule is exceedingly limited, I am dedicated to enforcing my cancellation policy as it stands to safeguard the time I choose to make available to my friends. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of our meeting time will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will result in a fee equivalent to the full sum of our time together. This policy ensures that the time I set aside for my friends is used by those who value it properly. Any instance of a “no call, no show” or refusal to adhere to this policy will result in blacklisting. This policy is equally enforced to any sort of payment issue that should arise when I arrive to our appointment.

Do you offer incalls?

As I enjoy visiting friends all over, I do not keep a stationary incall location. I am currently making outcall appointments to hotels within 45 minutes of Totowa, New Jersey. If an incall is desired, there will be a $200 room fee and 25% appointment deposit required.

Any boundaries I should know about in advance?

If at any point your actions make me feel unsafe, I reserve the right to immediately end our time together. Explicit language in our emails and boundary-pushing, whether before we meet or during our time together, is unacceptable. If you do not include the information I request in our emails, then I will be unable to meet with you. If at any point you lie or "artfully omit" things from the information requested, I will be unable to meet with you. (No, I don't care if you say you're single but you're actually not. Yes, I care if you send me a fake job website.) My number one priority will always be my safety.

One of your ads is listed under "available now." Does that mean I can see you in 30 minutes?

I use the "available now" function on my ads to indicate that I am currently online and available to process screening information. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean I'm dressed to the nines awaiting a suitor to sweep my schedule off its feet. I still require time to process your screening information, hear back from any references, and work you into my calendar.

What if I want to extend our time together?

Worried already that we'll have too marvelous of a time together? It happens, and as long as my schedule allows, I will try to accommodate your request to extend. In-date extensions are $600 per hour charged in one hour increments. It is always preferred to have our schedule set in advance, as I will sometimes be unable to accommodate these requests.

Are you reference-friendly?

Of course! I feel that references are an important part of how we keep each other safe in this wild, amazing world of ours. That being said, please make sure that you are requesting references in the most helpful way. If you would like me to provide a reference for a new provider you're hoping to see, give me a head's up so that I know I'll be hearing from them. If you're providing a reference as part of your screening, please include the provider's name, website, and contact email. Simply saying "I saw Cindy from Tryst" will genuinely not help me.

Do you take outfit requests?

I have a variety of outfits suitable for every occasion, and will be sure to dress for whatever we have planned! If you'd like me to wear something specific, you are welcome to provide it in advance and I would be happy to oblige. Otherwise, I will be sure to wear something suitably delightful for our time together.

Why do you ask for XYZ during screening?

I don't think anyone needs to justify their screening practices, but I do like explaining for folks who don't know why providers screen the way we do. When I ask for a driver's license, it is to ensure that the name I am given is legitimate, and that the person in the photo is the one I'll be meeting (hence the matching selfie). The name is important for checking things like criminal records for violent crimes-- if you have petty drug charges, I really don't care, but battery and assault are HUGE red flags. Your ID doesn't have any sensitive information like your SSN, otherwise you wouldn't show it to bartenders or bouncers, right? Employment verification is a roundabout way of getting the same information: a correct name and matching photo so I know who I'm meeting.